The Best Of 1997

The Best Movies Of 1997

Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery

Sure, the urination joke dragged on for way too long, but there were more than enough to make up for it: the sight of the shaved cat alone is worth the price of admission. Getting Susannah Hoffs in to help with the music was another bonus, and the 60s atmosphere was lovingly (and stupidly) recreated. Gift givers note for 1998: I loved the circular bed.

The Castle

We should, of course, have known the Frontline team could never fail. But perhaps the most heartening (and frightening) thing about the success of The Castle was the way it was watched by millions of people who would run scared from any other work by the former D-Geners. Jousting stick salespeople everywhere must be cheering.

The Saint

Even without a Duran Duran theme tune, this was a groovy action flick, with enough stupid humour and really obvious product placement to keep the post-modern crowd happy. Apparently they changed the ending, but I can't say as how I noticed.

A Very Brady Sequel

Having flopped in the US two summers ago, this didn't hit Australia until January, where it got to flop all over again. Why, I don't know. Having milked the cultural misplacement theme dry in the first movie, it made sense to start messing with our heads by bringing back Carol's first husband and exploring the incestuous possibilities of Marcia and Greg. Well, it made for a few good gags at any rate.

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