Och, it’s a long way by bus

My trip to Glasgow today was unusually fraught. Firstly, despite repeatedly reminding myself that daylight savings in the UK ended last night, I forgot when I woke up, and suddenly released at 7am that it was actually 8am and I was due to leave in 10 minutes. Thankfully I’m a frantic pre-packer, so that proved possible, although I had to skip breakfast.

Then, when I got to Liverpool Street, I discovered there was no Stansted Express train and I’d have to travel by bus to the airport. I thought that would be delay central, but in fact I got there just five minutes after my scheduled train would have, and bang on time for checking in.

After a leisurely and overpriced pub breakfast and the usual lurking around the airport time, they began boarding our flight, which wasn’t unpleasantly full. Unfortunately, the airport was, so we took off 25 minutes late. That meant when I landed at Glasgow Prestwick, I had just 10 minutes to get to the station, rather than a leisurely half an hour or so. I raced there, only to discover there were no direct trains to Glasgow. I had to take a train to Kilwinning, then a bus to Paisley, then change back to the train for the ten minute ride into town. Annoying, especially with numerous Sunday roadworks, but it only added about 30 minutes to the journey.

On the upside, my hotel is located right inside the station, has a generous space allocation, and proved to be an absolute bargain in pricing terms (I’m paying well under half the official rate). On the whole, all bodes well for this evening’s Sam Brown concert, which is the main reason I’m here.

The traditional hotel welcome

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