It Takes Two Week 2: The standard declines

Last week, I noted that It Takes Two worked much better when the singers were awful, or at least borderline. We certainly had a lower overall standard this week, reflected both in the scoring from the judges and the almost ceaseless panoply of bum notes and general musical incompetence.

Easily the best performance was Simon and Paulini’s romp through ‘Rock And Roll All Nite’. While I acknowledge that Erika and David also did a decent attempt at ‘Up Where We Belong’, it’s just a revoltingly sappy song, and I couldn’t help feeling that the KISS cover ultimately should have scored higher.

It Takes Two
There were a whole bunch of scores clustered in the middle, with Richard & Wendy, Mark & Rachel and Michael & Jade all scoring 23. I’d have rated Kate & Troy’s performance as being about the same standard. Surprisingly, Sarah & Guy’s attempt at ‘Dancing Queen’ wasn’t the massacre it could have been, though she’s probably the most guilty of trading on the charms of her professional partner.

Overall justice prevailed, the two worst couples from last week ranking at the bottom and Richard and Karen ultimately getting the boot. I’d be surprised if Katie and Dave aren’t out next week.

One other thing the show hasn’t quite settled is how to use the judges. While DWTS has a long-standing pattern of just two judges commenting each time, ITT seems to want every judge to comment most of the time. Frankly, James Valentine is the only one offering much in the way of useful insight.

Random notes:

  • James’ average scores were marginally higher this week, while the other judges remained pretty consistent.
  • Erika & David have the highest show running total (56), but there’s only one point separting them and Simon & Paulini, and another single point between them and Judy & Richard.
  • The odds of the show offering a death-metal option are, sadly, low.
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