A Countdown stub from Brisbane

Last night’s final show in Brisbane was excellent, with plenty of end-of-tour hijinks and a promise that there’ll be a second tour next year. However, it’s going to be a day or two before I get a chance to write it up and share the pics. In the meantime, enjoy this snap of Leo Sayer keeping his cool when faced with a dragged-up John Paul Young.

He always did have a thing for redheads

4 thoughts on “A Countdown stub from Brisbane

  1. Loved that Countdown Spectacular! Went twice Brisbane.
    Highlights: Hush, voice of Keith still gives us goose bumps. He is mighty and the best singer since Bon Scott.
    Les Gock still rocks Think De Jongh was a much better player was better than Rick Lum. He could also sing better backing vocals hey? and Smiley is a good drummer why didn’t they have him there instead?? Is he still going does any one know?

    Sherbet were better than I remember them – maybe it is our being older meant we appre iated them more being, but for both of us we always enjoyed Hush abnd Skyhooks in the 70’s. Garth Porter shouldn’t sing though!! Leave it to the singer!
    Would have been good to see more funny little acts too although Joe Dolce was a pain and quite weird not to mention with the stuff he was crapping on with… strange dude

    Humdrum was funny, just like old times.
    thanks for a great night

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