Looking to the Lizzies

The most prominent media awards for technology writers in Australia are the Media Connect Sun Microsystems IT Journalism Awards, generally referred to with the more friendly nickname The Lizzies. I’ve involved with a nice swag of nominations this year, having scored a finalist berth for The Helen Dancer Best Consumer Technology Journalist category, while BRAN is a finalist in two categories: Best New Technology Title and Best Multimedia Coverage. Given the calibre of my rivals in the consumer category (my BRAN cohost Roulla Yiacoumi, sometime BRAN participant and APC news editor Dan Warne, freelancers Seamus Byrne and Nicole Manktelow and former freelancer Tim Dean), I don’t personally have any expectations of winning at all, but it’s possible BRAN might be in with a shot. The awards are announced on April 27, and the entire BRAN team will be attending the presentation at Sydney’s Star City Casino.

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