Slithering to success at the Lizzies

At last year’s Sun Microsystems IT Journalism Awards, I was so drunk I don’t remember anything after 7:30pm. This year, I took a vow of sobriety, which means not only did I not cause major headaches for the organisers and my brother, I also remember who won.

The most pleasing result of the night for me was BRAN winning a Highly Commended in the Best Multimedia Coverage category, against some extremely stiff competition. Yay BRAN! In the Best New Title category, we were beaten by the Gadget Guy, but I’m more than happy to lose to a nice bloke like Peter and his team.

As I predicted some time ago, I didn’t win the Helen Dancer Best Consumer Technology Journalist Award. Seamus Byrne, the well-deserved victor, made a great speech in which he noted that all his competitors were people whose work he used to read. I feel both flattered and old.

Lots of other titles I contribute to did well, including ZDNet (Winner of Best Technology Media Website), the Australian (Technology News Title of the Year and Best Technology Industry Title), and iTWire (Highly Commended in Best New Technology Title).

Since the Media Connect team obviously still all have hangovers, here’s the full list of winners:

Technology Title of the Year

Technology Journalist of the Year
Julian Bajkowski

Best Technology Article
David Braue, Asher Moses (tie)

Technology News Title of the Year
The Australian

The Cass Warneminde Best Technology News Journalist
Michael Sainsbury

Best Technology Media Website

Best Multimedia Coverage

Best New Technology Title HIGHLY COMMENDED iTwire, Australian SmartHome Ideas

The Alicia Camphuisen Best New Technology Journalist
Craig Simms HIGHLY COMMENDED Chris Duckett

Best Business Technology Title

The John Costello Best Business Technology Journalist
Julian Bajkowski HIGHLY COMMENDED Simon Sharwood

Best Technology Industry Title
IT Today (The Australian) HIGHLY COMMENDED CRN

Best Technology Industry Journalist
Brad Howarth

Best Personal Technology Title
PC Authority

Best Technical Journalist
Darren Yates HIGHLY COMMENDED Tim Dean, Dan Chiappini

The Helen Dancer Best Consumer Technology Journalist
Seamus Byrne HIGHLY COMMENDED Dan Warne, Tim Dean

Best Gaming Title

Best Gaming Journalist

Best Production Team
MIS, Atomic (tie)

Best Technology Columnist
Munir Kotadia HIGHLY COMMENDED Graeme Philipson

Best Communications Journalist
Michael Sainsbury HIGHLY COMMENDED David Braue

Best Technology Reviewer
Dan Warne HIGHLY COMMENDED Alex Kidman, Nick Ross

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