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Countdown Spectacular 2 Brisbane: The photo gallery

As promised, here’s some pics from the Brisbane show. I wasn’t in a particularly good position, my camera is pretty cheap, and I haven’t had time to do any digital editing. Apologies if your preferred 70s act isn’t here. Enough caveats, let’s commence.

Note that it’s still the local acts who bother to produce merchandise (Rick Springfield, of course, falls in both camps).

The logo rises and the show begins.

Gavin Wood: a little older, a little rounder.

Katrina’s walking on sunshine, and I’m trying to work out how to switch on the flash.

Do we wanna please Sam? Yes.

Sam and the dancers reach a climax of sorts.

Ignatius Jones in crooner mode . . .

. . . but leather is never far away.

Molly and JPY fill the space between songs.

Referring to these women as bimbos upset one Gusworld reader.

The fabulous Sharon O’Neill – give her a second song already!

Talk about – pop music!

Paul Gray needed stimulation . . .

. . . but not as much as a synth bass.

Doc Neeson’s Angels rock the first half to an end.

Redgum in their newly-minted opening slot.

The evening’s longest guitar solo for ‘My Sharona’.

‘Quasimodo’s Dream’ is accompanied by spectacular visuals which I spectacularly failed to photograph.

Apparently, they like it both ways.

The world’s least convincing marriage proposal.

The Wolfgramm Sisters do their best ABBA impersonation.

Rollermania (tartan scarves not pictured).

This photo does not do Ms Ceberano’s remarkable wardrobe choice justice.

Richard Clapton, and part of someone’s head.

John Paul Young: two years in a row and still near the top of the bill.

Martha Davis can sing way better than I can photograph.

I couldn’t get all the members of Birtles, Shorrock, Gobles in one shot.

Rick rocks the night to its conclusion.

Better late than never: the ‘My Generation’ finale.

We need more mics!

Rawk and roll!