Gusworld’s Junket Vlog: H is for Hunter Valley

Fresh from my trip to the Influence Forum, here’s the most important story of all: how did the Crowne Plaza measure up as a hotel? Pretty well, as it happened. (Apart from anything else, they get bonus points for having enough wine glasses to accommodate a late-night drunken video shoot — not this one, but watch this space for details.)

One thought on “Gusworld’s Junket Vlog: H is for Hunter Valley

  1. Re: The shaving mirror thing — the other bedroom (with the en suite, which suggests it’s the “parent” bedroom — had a proper shaving mirror on an adjustable arm in it. Presumably the kids staying in the other room don’t need to shave, or something.

    Oh, and the practical downside of having the lake next door is that you also have semi-permanent clouds of midges floating around all the time…

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