Vista: Apparently, Explorer is optional

Windows Vista loves to issue a daily reminder of why it sucks. Today’s incident: I’m in the process of creating a folder when the system decides to pop up one of those ‘set location’ boxes for the wireless network in the Qantas Club. As well as being largely futile, this manages to crash Explorer entirely. Given that Explorer has existed in this form since Windows 95, you’d think Microsoft could have got it right by now. Or perhaps not.

Creating folders: apparently an unreasonable request for a modern operating system

(Footnote: And now I have to reboot. Oh, what a surprise.)

One thought on “Vista: Apparently, Explorer is optional

  1. Hey, nobody gets it right. Finder (the Mac equivalent) does this kind of thing to me from time to time — although to its credit, it doesn’t generally require reboots with such astonishing frequency.

    And if you’re only getting daily reminders of why Vista sucks, you’re in the lucky 2%; at one point (before I moved back to XP), it was coming up with something to make me hate it roughly every five minutes. Emphasis on the “roughly”, as in pineapple…

    Personally, I miss errors with personality: Bring back the Guru Meditation Error!

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