Blimey, where did that week go?

OK, my bad, no updates here for a week. Let’s note the writing quickly. At ZDNet, a case study about how IT helps save Aboriginal languages got some prominence. For APC, I naturally had to look at the impact of the ACCC’s rejection of eBay’s compulsory PayPal plans. And then there were a few posts for Lifehacker. Quite a few, including more than I ever planned to write about the iPhone.

  • Something for the weekend: Plan for that pay rise
  • Switch off the power for real power planning
  • Upgrade Your Life winner #3: Automate site searches with hotkeys
  • Want a job with Lifehacker’s publisher?
  • Should you get paid a sickie bonus?
  • Could more messages stop you wasting time?
  • Early iPhone buyers will get less choice
  • Cheap Eee PCs still up for grabs
  • Plan for a pay rise by not asking for cash
  • Vodafone joins the iPhone pre-registration fray
  • McAfee boss contemplates a world without anti-virus
  • Compulsory PayPal gets short shrift from ACCC
  • Does Ten’s new no-credit policy give viewers enough credit?
  • Air Asia X gets with PayPal
  • Upgrade Your Life winner #2: Movable Type on your local machine
  • More Firefox 3 shortcuts for quick Gmail
  • Why aren’t we interested in interest rates?
  • Get the ACCC a clue train ticket for Internet banking
  • Things to remember when advance ordering an iPhone
  • What will eBay outages mean in an all-PayPal universe?
  • Upgrade Your Life Winner #1: Add mail to the Firefox search bar
  • Where Australians go wrong online
  • Simplify networking with a referral partner
  • What price an Aussie iPhone?
  • Teach your Eee’s OpenOffice to spell in Australian
  • Upgrade Your Life: The winners have been decided
  • Friends Reunited Goes The Free Route
  • Need an emergency toothpick? Grab a business card
  • Something for the weekend: Computers off
  • Lifetick adds shine to goal management
  • How can you save money on broadband?

    Note to self: don’t wait a week to update again.

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