So famous they don’t even need a name

I’m clearly in a finicky mood right now. Rather belatedly, I’ve been reading Catalogue, the art book which collates the Pet Shop Boys record covers and other assorted designs from 1986 to 2006. Discussing the cover for ‘Love Comes Quickly’, design Mark Farrow recalls how unusual it was not to feature either the artist or song title credit on the front of the 12″:

At the time, not putting any type on the sleeve was quite a big thing to do. I’m not sure that anyone had actually done it at that point on something as commercial as this.

It’s just as well that he uses the words “I’m not sure”, as there’s a really obvious earlier counter-example: Wham!’s 1984 classic ‘Freedom’, which was indeed a much bigger hit than ‘Love Comes Quickly’ and which skipped any front cover identification on both 7″ and 12″ versions. Anyone think of an earlier hit single that skips identifying the artist and the track altogether?

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