LCA 2010 Day 3: Crikey!

I write for a living and I write a fair amount, but it does tend to be for the same sites. Indeed, up until this week the last time I actually started writing for a publication I’d never appeared in before was when I started at Lifehacker back in May 2008.

That’s one of the reasons I was particularly pleased that a story I pitched to Crikey yesterday got accepted and wound up in today’s email and on the site (accessible only to Crikey subscribers, sorry). I wouldn’t actually have thought of pitching anything from LCA, which is a heavily technical event, to a general-interest news publication, but Jeff Waugh suggested on Twitter that I should give it a try, and then I had one of those fairly rare Eureka moments where I suddenly saw how the story — covering the controversial ACTA treaty and the tech community’s reaction to it — should be structured. I was pleased with the result, even if it did attract the odd derogatory comment from narky readers about my writing style.

LCA also provided a story for APC, looking at how Linux is now largely developed by professionals, and for iTWire, examining Google’s plans for Wave for Apps customers. Add Lifehacker, ZDNet and Crikey, and that’s five publications I’ve done stories for at LCA 2010 so far. The odds of anything similar happening again in the near future are, to say the least, low.

Two of Lifehacker’s pieces today also drew on LCA material, one looking at possible uses for Google Wave and the other at the notion of antifeatures (which was a key theme in the first keynote of the day). As well:

  • Garmin Voice Studio Adds Your Voice To Your GPS
  • Next G Phones Carry Winter Olympics, For A Fee
  • Data Charges Main Cause Of Mobile Bill Shock
  • Be Alert For EFTPOS Skimmers
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