LCA 2010 Day 5: Podcasts and publishing

The final day of proper proved just as busy as the others. Quite aside from racing in and out of sessions and waiting for the official, inevitable announcement that the 2011 event would be in Brisbane, I was also doing something I haven’t done since August 2008: recording a podcast. Mark Jones asked me to be a guest on The Scoop, the AFR-backed podcast aimed at enterprise managers, talking about CES. It was good fun to do, and much less work than BRAN used to be, since there was a clear host in charge, I hadn’t had to do any extra research, and I wasn’t praying that Audacity and Skype would stay active for the duration. The episode goes live on February 2, and I’ll link it here when it does. (And before anyone asks, there are no plans to revive BRAN in the near future.)

I continued pumping out the stories from LCA, though a couple of those won’t be appearing until next week. At ZDNet, my photo gallery from the early part of the conference went live. For Lifehacker, I wrote up some observations on why antisocial meeting times can be good, and ran a post on the Brisbane venue for 2011 (which went live the second it was announced in the closing ceremony).

LCA 2010 really has been unusual in terms of the sheer number of publications that have accepted work from me covering it. While I was writing copy for both itnews and ZDNet way at my first-ever LCA in Adelaide in 2004, half-a-dozen is a much more striking number, and one I doubt I’ll replicate again in a hurry. The reason for that is simple economics: the fact this year’s event was in New Zealand meant that no publications sent any full-time staffers to cover it, so I could easily find material for a range of publishers. With a Brisbane setting, there’s likely to be a few more journos in attendance. More fun socially, less fun economically.

Of course, no day would be complete without the obligatory roundup of the rest of my Lifehacker pieces:

  • Lightning Timer Counts Down Five Minutes
  • Telstra Elite Offers Fast, Expensive Broadband
  • YouTube Music Discovery Builds You A Playlist
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