Conference call confessions

I don’t like conference calls — the sound quality is often poor, there’s not always an obvious system for chiming in and asking questions, and they never start on time. But I sat through iiNet’s results announcements call yesterday, and ended up writing a story about them for iTnews. iTnews also featured a piece from me about the challenges Human Services faces in finding IT graduates, largely because there’s not enough people taking tertiary IT courses. This feast-or-famine scenario has been going on as long as I’ve been a journalist.

At Gizmodo, I had a brief piece noting that Apple’s attempts to block jailbreaking of in-store phones don’t seem to have fully extended to Australia, though the comments suggest it’s an even bigger issue in various JB Hi-Fi branches. As ever, Monday’s main Lifehacker column was Road Worrier, critically examining a survey ranking how easy it is to actually get seats on various frequent flyer programs. Elsewhere on Lifehacker:

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