An alarming way to not have a holiday

Monday was a public holiday in NSW, so Lifehacker wasn’t running at full steam — no Road Worrier column, for instance. However, the onset of daylight saving in states that have a clue (and yes, that’s a dig at Queensland) resulted not only in a reminder on Saturday for people to check their devices, but also a post about how the iPhone’s alarms don’t appear to cope with the change. As of this morning, that still seems to be an issue (and unsurprisingly Apple itself hasn’t responded to my queries). Also on Lifehacker from my virtual quill:

  • Lunchtime Wrap: VOD Plans & iOS Jailbreak Benefits
  • Foxtel’s Prices Change To Reflect VOD
  • Dick Smith Selling 3 Gear For Half Price
  • Last Week’s Top Ten Posts
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