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Getting nominated for a lot of Lizzies

Next Friday (May 15) is the date for the 2015 Optus IT Journalism Awards, usually referred to as the Lizzies and the biggest thing you can win as a tech writer in Australia. I’m maintaining my tradition of being a finalist in a lot of categories: Best News Journalist, Best Tech Industry Journalist, Best Consumer Tech Journalist, Best Telecommunications Journalist, Best Columnist, Best Reviewer and Best Technical Journalist. You can see the full list of finalists here.

Lifehacker is also nominated for several Lizzies: Best Website, Best Video Program, Best News Coverage, Best Personal Technology Coverage and Best Business Tech Coverage. The Tech Tuesday segment I do regularly on RN Drive is also on the list for Best Audio Program. For site and title awards, only a long list is published — there’s no whittling.

Lifehacker did really well last year, picking up Best Personal Technology Coverage and Best Website, plus the ‘Gold Lizzie’ for Best Title. Annoyingly, I wasn’t there (I was in the US for work). I am going to be there this year, and I’m assuming that means neither myself nor Lifehacker will win anything.

It’s definitely a competitive space, especially for journalists. Here’s a summary of all the people who are finalists for more than one Lizzie in a writing category:

Good luck everyone!