Who has the most individual nominations in the 2016 Lizzies?

There are 66 individual journalists with nominations in the 2016 Lizzies (including me). You can read the full list on the Lizzies site. As I did last year, I thought it might be interesting to crunch the data and see who scored multiple finalist berths. Here’s the full list of everyone who achieved more than one finalist placing:

  • 6 finalist berths: Krishan Sharma
  • 4 finalist berths: Paul Smith
  • 3 finalist berths: Allie Coyne, Alex Kidman, Angus Kidman, Adam Turner
  • 2 finalist berths: Asha Barbaschow, Alex Choros, Paris Cowan, Ry Crozier, Chris Duckett, Hannah Francis, Renai LeMay, Geoff Long, David Millner, Chris Pash, Claire Reilly, Mark Serrels, Simon Sharwood, Chris Southcott, David Swan, Josh Taylor, Alex Walker, Petroc Wilton

Krishan is this year’s undisputed champion — well done mate! It’s a tribute to your versatility and skill as a freelancer.

In total 24 nominees (a bit over a third) have more than one individual nomination. I didn’t do a similar analysis for title awards because the list there is everyone who nominated themselves, not just those who made the shortlist after judging.

I will be live-blogging the results from the Lizzies ceremony, which kicks off at 1830 on Friday 13 May (five days from now, eek!). I’ll tweet out a link with the hashtag #lizzies on the day. See you then, whether in Lizzies-infested meatspace or online.

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