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Tech confessions of a junket whore

My reputation as an excessively well-travelled journalist/junket whore (delete as you see fit) continues to flourish. In a recent posting on his blog, Dan Warne (news and features editor at APC and one of the people who keeps me in gainful freelance employment) opens a discussion of how he’s been making use of the latest […]

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Big bucks for Bec’s baby

When I spotted this week’s cover for Woman’s Day, I immediately thought “something’s going on here”. Personally I’m not that fussed about the rushed engagement, Opera House marriage and sudden pregnancy of Bec Cartwright and Lleyton Hewitt, but clearly it helps shift the trash mags. To date, the Hewitts have sold a series of “exclusives” […]

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Sex beats blogging every time

I commented earlier this month that bloggers tend to wildly overestimate their influence. Proof of sorts comes from a recent Media Guardian story about a survey of UK taxi drivers, hairdressers and bar staff. Only 30 per cent had heard of blogging, and just 10 per cent were aware of podcasting. Conversely, 40 per cent […]

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