Wasting time

Over the weekend, two separate people berated me for not having posted anything on this blog throughout January. Hey, I was sick, but far be it from me to neglect my alleged audience . . .

I recently got the following email from Jan Prichard regarding an ancient rant on my site about the Country Womens’ Association cookbook:

Your rant is really quite sad. What a waste of time and effort.

My immediate reaction was that it couldn’t possibly be as much of a waste of time and effort as bothering to send an email to a stranger about something they wrote almost ten years ago. And when I actually went back and read the rant, I was quite pleased with it (apart from the embarrassing spelling mistake in the sixth paragraph). So yah boo sucks to you, Ms Prichard.

Knee deep in wireless

ExecTech in today’s Australian IT leads with my review of the five major wireless broadband services in Australia, which meant I got to spend a good chunk of last week testing signal strength in various city locations. Having guaranteed Net access while out and about very quickly becomes addictive, but I’m not quite sure which of these services I’d want to invest in myself. The ideal would have a combination of Telstra’s coverage, iBurst’s speed and client software, and Vodafone’s all-you-can-eat pricing structure. iBurst (which now has a signal in my house, something that wasn’t true last time I tried it) is still probably the most likely.

The view from the 14th floor

As I predicted last week, I didn’t win the Most Entertaining Writer category at the Consensus IT Writers Awards — that honour went to a much better article by Ian Yates. It was a great awards evening though, held at the Buena Vista restaurant on the 14th floor of the Supreme Court, and hence the only place I’ve eaten where you have to go through a security check first. Well, unless you count airport lounges.