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"I was splicing genes when you were in diapers."

The Third Twin video cover
Genre: Mini series
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TAGLINE: Genetic experiments . . . human cloning . . . a chilling conspiracy.

STARS: Jason Gedrick, Kelly McGillis, Larry Hagman

THINK: The Parent Trap meets The X Files


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The Third Twin

THE BOX SAYS: BASED ON KEN FOLLETT'S EXPLOSIVE INTERNATIONAL BEST SELLING NOVEL An experiment in human cloning is discovered after 27 years. The Genetico research laboratory is about to be sold for $180 million. It's three founders are now powerful, respected scientists. Dr Jeannie Ferrami is conducting experiments to isolate a gene which links criminal activity to genetic behaviour. When her assistant is raped, the doctor has the perfect subject for her tests . . . the alleged rapist insists that he is innocent, despite being identified by the victim. Dr Ferrami discovers that he has a twin brother, but when another crime is committed, both the brothers are identified and yet neither was anywhere near the scene of the crime. Jeannie has uncovered the shocking truth of Genetico's past which will destroy the founders if it gets out . . . she must be silenced.

YUPPY MANTALK SAYS: Hey wow, another film with evil scientists exploiting genetic engineering for their own evil profiteering schemes. Larry Hagman acts badly, but quite possibly he was distracted by the sight of his own eyebrows. Executive producer Sally Jessie Raphael gets in a shameless plug for her own show, while Marion Ross, in a pointless cameo, wears the world's worst wig, ever. However, DTV buffs will doubtless enjoy the dodgy computer technology references, the gratuitous nudity, and all the endless effects associated with twin-based plots.

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