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"Whoever has the Nova can literally rule the world."

Black Thunder  video cover
Genre: DTV movie
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TAGLINE: The military has a new weapon, an advanced Nova Stealth Fighter. But now . . . it's in the wrong hands.

STARS: Michael Dudikoff, Frederick Forrest, Nancy Valen, Michael Cavanaugh, Gary Hudson

THINK: Top Gun meets Thunderball


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Black Thunder

THE BOX SAYS: In the tradition of "Firefox", "Top Gun" and "True Lies" When the top secret Nova Stealth Fighter prototype is hijacked, the Pentagon goes on full alert. Aboard the Nova are dozens of high tech devices which must not fall into the wrong hands. The plane must be recovered. Only one man can bring the plane back in one piece: Navy Test Pilot Vince Conners. Vince can fly any plane known to man, from Stealth Fighters to the bucket-of-bolts Beechcraft in his back yard. Conners and his partner Jannick track the Nova in an SR-71 spy plane to Libya. Conners must find the Nova and fly it out, with Jannick in the SR-71 providing cover fire. But after landing in Libya, the mission goes to hell. Jannick and the SR-71 are captured, and Conners is on the run. He must evade the military regime and fly the Nova . . . before the Libyan terrorists use the Stealth plane's top secret technology against the United Nations.

YUPPY MANTALK SAYS: If this movie was any more generic, Franklins would sell it. DTV isn't exactly renowned for originality, but this is so derivative, you could use it for calculus. Michael Dudikoff has all the performing passion of a limp loofah, while the villains give new currency to the notion of ethnic stereotypes. Add in a feisty Libyan resistance leader with large breasts, some jittery shots of people in cockpits, and a heap of military leaders panicking and you've got a veritable cliche soup. Moral: you can't make a low-budget action flick involving planes. Certainly not if you don't have an original idea in your head.

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