Move In My Direction

On Sunday May 15 at around 8:40PM, Bananarama's new single Move In My Direction premiered on Capital Radio in the UK. For truly obsessed types, here's what the DJs said about it. The single is out on July 18.

JUSTIN WILKES: And now we have a world exclusive. The first play of the new song for Bananarama. They've had some great songs in the past.

SAM MANN: Yeah, I didn't realise. Robert De Niro's Waiting, Ain't What You Do It's The Way That You Do It and Really Saying Something., There's some great hits there.

JUSTIN WILKES: And this is their latest, they've obviously run out of cash. "Oh no, we've only got a thousand left in the bank, better do a song." And here it is, it's Move In My Direction on Seven . . .


JUSTIN WILKES: Brand new from Bananarama, it's Move In My Direction. They are back, and that was the first world exclusive play here on Seven. Absolutely stacks of fans are out in force tonight, they've been emailing us to find out exactly what time we're going to play it, so hello to you if you're on the fan site. Now we want your feedback, what do you think of that new Bananarama record. Let us know . . .

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