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They Don't Know: The Complete Tracey Ullman

Tracey Ullman has been the subject of numerous CD compilations over the years. Of these, the best are probably Rhino's You Broke My Heart In 17 Places: The Best Of Tracey Ullman, or the recently issued The Best Of Tracey Ullman on Metro. The Rhino disc contains all of her first album and a fraction of her second; the Metro disc contains most of her second album, but not much of her first. Both have some B-sides; neither has all.

This kind of approach makes getting the complete Tracey archive on CD difficult (the original albums are themselves long-deleted, as are many of the other rival compilations). To make matters worse, many of the rare extended versions of her singles have never achieved a CD release in any form. So there's a definite need for They Don't Know: The Complete Tracey Ullman to step in.

This triple-disc compilation contains absolutely everything released by Tracey on Stiff during her brief recording career, including her two albums, all B-sides and extended versions. Disc 1 covers the 1983 album You Broke My Heart In 17 Places and associated tracks; Disc 2 covers 1984's You Caught Me Out; and Disc 3 contains extended versions, remixes and instrumental tracks which have long languished in obscurity.

Due acknowledgment and many thanks to Totally Tracey Online, whose discography was mind-bogglingly useful in preparing this compilation concept.

Track Listing

Disc 1: You Broke My Heart In 17 Places
01 Breakaway (2:38)
02 Long Live Love (2:52)
03 Shattered (2:49)
04 Oh What A Night (2:38)
05 Life Is A Rock (But The Radio Rolled Me) (3:21)
06 Move Over Darling (2:37)
07 Bobby's Girl (3:01)
08 They Don't Know (3:02)
09 (I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence Dear (2:48)
10 You Broke My Heart in 17 Places (2:56)
11 I Close My Eyes and Count to Ten (3:34)
12 Dancing In The Dark (B-side to 'Breakaway') (2:53)
13 The B-Side (B-side to 'They Don't Know') (4:35)
Running time: 40:10

Disc 2: You Caught Me Out
01 You Caught Me Out (3:23)
02 Little By Little (2:27)
03 Baby I Lied (4:13)
04 Terry (3:45)
05 Bad Motorcycle (2:09)
06 Loving You Is Easy (3:56)
07 My Guy (2:59)
08 Sunglasses (2:59)
09 If I Had You (3:37)
10 Helpless (2:43)
11 Where The Boys Are (2:29)
12 Give Him A Great Big Kiss (2:29)
13 I Know What Boys Like (3:30)
14 Thinking Of Running Away (B-side to 'My Guy') (2:09)
15 Candy (B-side to 'Sunglasses') (2:24)
16 Alone (B-side to 'Sunglasses' 12") (2:47)
17 Falling In And Out Of Love (B-side to 'Helpless') (3:17)
18 I Don't Want Our Loving To Die (B-side to 'Terry') (3:03)
Running time: 54:56

Disc 3: The Remixes
01 Breakaway (extended version/monitor mix) (TBC)
02 They Don't Know (extended version) (TBC)
03 Move Over Darling (extended version) (TBC)
04 Bobby's Girl (remix) (TBC)
05 My Guy (extended version) (TBC)
06 Helpless (extended version) (TBC)
07 Sunglasses (extended version) (6:33)
08 Instrumentally Helpless (3:43)
09 Terry (extended version; previously unreleased) (TBC)
Running time: TBC

Compiler's notes: Yes, I realise that there's a lot of space left on Disc 1! However, I don't think it's quite possible to fit all the required tracks across two CDs, and given that restriction I'd rather keep everything thematically ordered, and not repeat tracks on the same disc (dual versions of 'Helpless' aside). I haven't yet dug up copies of all the extended mixes or transferred them to CD, so the timings aren't complete. If the extended mixes are shorter than I suspect, this could drop back to a two-disc set.

I have no access to the Stiff archives, so I don't know if there's any other unreleased Tracey material from the era lying around. However, Tracey's version of 'Terry' uses exactly the same backing track (and backing vocals) as Kirsty MacColl's, and there's an extended version of the Kirsty version commercially available, so it wouldn't be an especially difficult task to construct an equivalent extended mix using Tracey's vocals. For the purposes of this compilation, I've assumed such a mix exists.