Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 28/01/97

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This man is not a deity

Hmmm, I've got an original idea for 1997. Let's take a comparatively ordinary person and deify them on the basis that they have more money than anyone else in America. Dang! Judging from the adjacent photo of Microsoft head honcho and megageek Bill Gates, photographed while autographing copies of Office 97, someone's beaten me to the punch.

I'll admit that I can see the source of Gates' celebrity: pure naked greed and a kind of depraved wonderment at just what you do with all that cash. And it isn't Gates himself who annoys me (much). By all accounts, he intends to charitably dispose of a goodly proportion of his fortune, which is somewhat worthy goal no matter what you think of the business practices used to attain that fortune

What irks me is people who act like Gates, in and of himself, is some kind of saviour for the world of computing at large and PC computing in particular. People who, say, decide to get him to autograph a copy of the latest software from the company he owns. Should I meet such a person, I would feel obliged to point out that Gates is not recognised as a major member of the Office development team, or as a major force in its evolution. Thousands of people worked on this product. Thousands more suggested features for it. Thousands more will flood support lines to report bugs, problems and their inabillity to read manuals. Mr G does not deserve all that credit. You want autographs, go hang around a pop star.

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