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More on vending machine cookies

Gusworld recognises that no matter how obscure (or even revolting) something is, someone out there is going to be a fan of it (and possibly set up a Web tribute to it to boot). So when I wrote about the dubious culinary delights of Nana's choc-chip cookies, I should have anticipated feedback. I was nonetheless somewhat surprised (and greatly pleased) to receive the following missive from one Andrew Warby:


Many a time in a similar state whilst working for the Navy, I paid homage to the "Vending Machines of Happiness". Number one choice for sustenance was always a Choc-Chip Cookie. True, if the refiller has been tardy, or the consumption low, causing staleness and bitterness in the product, this is not a turn on.

Suggest you take this product, and expose it to the salvation of modern living, the microwave oven. Recipe suggestion is:

Leave in packet unopened (steam makes cookie moist). Set on high for between 30 and 45 secs. Chocolate melts and nirvana is yours.

Please check for other serving suggestions before slandering such exoticv delights as this. Thanks.

PS If you want to knock one of the Nana's products, try her Muesli Cookies, now this is true slag.

Leaving aside the temptation to adopt "this is true slag" as a T-shirt slogan, Gusworld did the only appropriate thing under the circumstances: we tested Andrew's recipe. And it works! Not only is the chalky texture more or less eliminated, but the flavour is greatly enhanced. This is an early candidate for Gusworld's best recipe for 1997, since it meets all the essential requirements: it's cheap, it's bad for you, and it involves minimal effort.

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