Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 29/04/97

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A Saint by any other name

I overcame my prejudices the other day and went and saw The Saint at the cinema last Friday. My principle prejudice was Val Kilmer. I mean, I know that when we ultimately lay the blame for The Doors being one of the five worst movies of all time, Oliver Stone is going to be the man who deserves the most credit. But Val was definitely in there. Plus, he's playing a role made famous by Roger Moore, which is possibly a worse crime as playing a role made famous by Sean Connery.

Working in the movie's favour were two factors: at the end of the day, Roger did an OK job, and (more importantly) the soundtrack featured Duran Duran's latest single 'Out Of My Mind' (which is due out in Australia next Monday; you can check out a sample right here on Gusworld). And it was a public holiday and I had nothing to do.

Anyway, I enjoyed the movie; quite Bond-like in ambience, Val did an OK job (long hair still doesn't suit him, though), all nice and entertaining and plenty of room for a sequel. The movie's producers took more from Goldeneye than just the Russian setting and endless implausible action, however. They also share the fondness for blatant product placement that allowed the characters in that last Bond film to actually make use of OS/2.

The "official" sponsor companies for The Saint were Nokia, Volvo, Bulgari, Verbatim and Canali. The ones that got the best placement deals were Nokia (the Nokia 9000 Net phone features heavily) and Apple (no-one in this movie uses PCs; the scientist love interest keeps her Notes in the Apple notepad).

And the promotions don't stop within the movie itself. Volvo used the film to launch its Volvo C70. And Nokia has even taken to sending out badges like the one pictured here to technology journalists. Mind you, you won't hear me complaining about that.

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