Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 02/06/97

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The return of Hungry Hungry Hippos

I love toy stores, mostly because they're full of toys. One of their disadvantages is that they tend to be full of small children. This is where going into a less successful megastore, like World 4 Kids, can have its advantages: all the brats are over at Toys R Us and you can browse in peace.

Yesterday, I was visiting World 4 Kids at Hornsby where I came across one of the coolest things I've seen for a while: Hungry Hungry Hippos travel edition. As a young child, I owned the full-scale version of this game, and spent many happy hours capturing marbles in the jet-propelled jaws of the purple hippo. The main problem the game had was that after a while, vigorous play tended to break the mechanism, and it was a bit too easy to lose the marbles that came with the set. But that was more than compensated for by the really groovy TV commercial.

The travel edition is exactly the same game, except there's only two hippos, it's only about six inches across and the whole thing is encased in a plastic dome, so you can never lose the marbles. At $9.95, I definitely wasn't going to resist it, and indeed may be forced to set up an office championship.

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