Share A Secret Reviewed

Share A Secret Reviewed looks at the weekly Share A Secret column in Australia's biggest-selling magazine, Woman's Day. We at Gusworld love it, and we hope you will too. We don't give away the plot (that would be unfair and a possible breach of copyright); we just tell you what the headline is and describe the stunning artwork that goes with it.

Woman's Day dated May 13th, 1996


A mother's amazing return in a beautiful vision more than made up for the years of regret at not saying goodbye

I can think of some distasteful picture ideas for this one, but Woman's Day chose the simple and inelegant route. A young blonde woman in a particularly tasteful lime-green shirt (which my sources tell me is the look for this winter) is lying in a chair, apparently asleep. A floating vision of another woman, swathed in a white cloth and apparently covered with flour, hovers above her. We at Gusworld have several questions about this:

It's a mystery alright.

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