Share A Secret Reviewed

Share A Secret Reviewed looks at the weekly Share A Secret column in Australia's biggest-selling magazine, Woman's Day. We at Gusworld love it, and we hope you will too. We don't give away the plot (that would be unfair and a possible breach of copyright); we just tell you what the headline is and describe the stunning artwork that goes with it.

Woman's Day dated June 17th, 1996


Unemployed and desperate, she took out her anger and frustration on the only people who had helped her

Thank God, it's been restored to page 38, the nightmare that could have been the axeing of Share A Secret is over.

Given the plethora of brightly-coloured hideous raiments in recent weeks, there must be some symbolic import in the fact that the pic of this week's unemployed lassie features her in a fetching shade of brown. Poverty's a bitch, isn't it? Mind you, anyone who carries around a blue, green, yellow and white striped sports satchel definitely needs help, no question there. And the clothes she's stealing off the rack (which is never actually mentioned in the story - artistic licence) are pretty awful too. No doubt some old biddy will write in next week and demand that the author be ritually stoned. Could be a good piece for A Current Affair . . .

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