Share A Secret Reviewed

Share A Secret Reviewed looks at the weekly Share A Secret column in Australia's biggest-selling magazine, Woman's Day. We at Gusworld love it, and we hope you will too. We don't give away the plot (that would be unfair and a possible breach of copyright); we just tell you what the headline is and describe the stunning artwork that goes with it.

Woman's Day dated July 1st, 1996


He'd given up everything for her, but when it looked as if his dream job would separate them she couldn't do the same

At the risk of sounding picky, this is the weakest Share A Secret which Woman's Day has run for some time. The last one I can remember that was this bad was along the lines of "I wouldn't share my banana fritter recipe with my embittered mother in law".

From the moment you see the picture, you know that scandal has hit an all-time low. An evil-looking vixen with slicked-back hair, a tasteful slime-green jacket and a letter in her hand is posing in front of a low-quality floral arrangement. What does the picture mean? Nothing. What does the story tell us? Not much more, except that "he" is called Barry. We tried rejigging the story, but the best headline we could come up with was "I'M A CAREER-TRASHING PSYCHO BITCH". Without the right ingredients, there's just nowhere to go.

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