Share A Secret Reviewed

Share A Secret Reviewed looks at the weekly Share A Secret column in Australia's biggest-selling magazine, Woman's Day. We at Gusworld love it, and we hope you will too. We don't give away the plot (that would be unfair and a possible breach of copyright); we just tell you what the headline is and describe the stunning artwork that goes with it.

Woman's Day dated October 7th, 1996


Her husband and his family adored this paragon of virtue. She even produced the right kind of kids! It was time for drastic action.

Like Gusworld, by now you're probably thoroughly sick of this season's trendy shade of lime -- you know the one, like a fluorescent Kermit The Frog. If I see it one more time in a shop window, I'm going to scream. But I may not have to travel that far, because this week, the colour makes its debut appearance in Share A Secret. So important is this development, apparently, that it even shunts the traditional red out of the picture. I mean, who needs the colour of speed when you have a slime-coloured vest?

Next to this colour-related malarkey, the story doesn't seem to matter very much, which is probably just as well. I mean, fancy getting pregnant just so you could outdo your sister-in-law by having a boy. Plus, she forgave her in the end. Wimp.

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