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By all means bag Posh Spice, but keep it accurate

07/06/2002: In between Golden Jubilee coverage, the British press this week has been busying itself gleefully announcing that, in a totally expected move, Posh Spice has been dropped by her record company. Yes, Victoria Beckham and Virgin Records have agreed to a parting of the ways after her self-titled debut album and associated singles failed to set the charts on fire in the expected fashion.

I have no beef with the nastiness of this kind of reportage; Posh courts media attention when it suits her, so she can't exactly complain when it becomes less positive. What she could complain about is the inaccuracy and inconsistency of the coverage.

Let's take the BBC (normally a well-behaved reporting source) as an example (most other reports I've read make similar assumptions). After quoting Posh' official statement to the effect that the deal had come to a "natural end", it goes on to consider the relative success level of the various Spicers. Firstly, it makes the inevitable remark that Posh is the only Spice Girl not have scored a solo number one. This is not really relevant; getting to number one in the UK is no guarantee that you've actually sold a lot of records. For instance, Posh's duet with Dane Bowers 'only' hit #2, but sold more copies in one week than many number ones manage.

Mel C is correctly identified as the most successful solo Spice, but I'd argue that more credit should be given to her for album sales, which are still where the big money is. Sales figures are given for Posh's album, but not for any of the others, which makes it hard to carry out meaningful comparisons.

Finally, the BBC considers Geri Halliwell, crediting her with "hits" such as 'Scream If You Wanna Go Faster'. That song was undoubtedly the high point of Geri's second album, but it actually charted lower than any of Posh's solo singles. Why is a hit for Geri a flop for Posh?

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