Single Of The Week 08/10/97

Single Of The Week is where I review a single I'm particularly enamoured of at the moment. It might be a brand spanking new release, or a classic from decades past that I just feel like going on about.

Hazy Shade Of Winter
LS 1992

In an earlier single write up, I observed that the Bangles had most of their biggest successes with covers of other people's songs. 1987's 'Hazy Shade Of Winter' wasn't their biggest hit (although, as a non-LP track, it's a great reason to buy their Greatest Hits album), but it is a particularly brilliant piece of recording, and the only successful thing to have emerged from the flop movie Less Than Zero (unless your fancy turns to Robert Downey Jr and fellatio).

Although Rick Rubin is credited as the single's producer, the version which was a hit went through a fairly substantial remix at the hands of the girls themselves. If you listen to the version in the movie, you'll notice how much rougher it sounds. Of course, the odds of your listening to the movie version are not that high.

One of the other interesting things about this single, Bangles-wise, is that it represents the one of their few major hits not to be dominated by the vocals of Susanna Hoffs. Although she contributes a brief solo performance near the end, 95% of the single features all four girls singing together. The only other Bangles song to be so democratic was 'Walk Like An Egyptian', proving, perhaps, the value of harmony.

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