Single Of The Week 17/02/99

Single Of The Week is where I review a single I'm particularly enamoured of at the moment. It might be a brand spanking new release, or a classic from decades past that I just feel like going on about.


OK, I know I promised last time out that we'd do some archive trawling for Single Of The Week rather than grabbing yet another chart-topper, but I figured everyone would forgive me on account of how (a) it's Blondie and (b) you could stick this record into 1979 and no-one would notice, much. Needless to say, this is not necessarily a bad thing.

The Blondie revival has actually been threatening for a fair while longer than I suspect most people realise. More than two years ago, the band was planning to reform to release a greatest hits package which would also feature a handful of new tracks (at least one of which had a heavy Duran Duran involvement, connection freaks). This plan was eventually abandoned, which is probably just as well, since it's not like Blondie compilations are thin on the ground; there have actually been more Blondie albums released since the band split than during their original recording career. (And indeed one of those, Atomic, is extremely recent.)

Maria is classic-sounding Blondie; hooky, guitar-laden and with the vocals of a certain Ms Harry well to the fore. It was written by keyboardist Jimmy Destri, which is not unusual (Blondie albums have always featured compositional contributions from all members) but hasn't happened on a single before unless I missed something.

While there's often something slightly tragic about bands attempting to return to their former glories a decade or two down the track, that isn't the case here. So what's ABBA's excuse going to be now?

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