Single Of The Week 21/03/97

Single Of The Week is where I review a single I'm particularly enamoured of at the moment. It might be a brand spanking new release, or a classic from decades past that I just feel like going on about.

Bring Me Some Water
Melissa Etheridge
K 645

My good friend Bron hassled me the other day, asking why I hadn't had a Melissa Etheridge song as 'Single Of The Week'. Bron is a Melissa Etheridge obsessive, so this wasn't exactly a surprising request, and I'm happy to oblige.

Melissa's position as co-queen of the lesbian rock goddess pantheon (alongside kd lang) is now so entrenched that it's hard to remember she wasn't always promoted that way. When her first album, a self-titled opus from 1988, came out, the word 'lesbian' was not being tossed about with (sorry) gay abandon. The album had had a difficult birth, with the first, heavily-produced version being ditched in favour of a live-in-the-studio style affair, recorded in around four days.

'Bring Me Some Water' was the first single from the album. It charted healthily in Australia, which, until the release of Yes I Am in 1993, was a much bigger territory for Ms Etheridge than the USA. Melissa was also nominated for a best Female Rock Vocal Grammy the next year, and performed a blistering (as they say) rendition of this song on the annual Grammy telecast. I actually prefer that version to the single, but both are well worth a listen.

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