Gusworld: the mailing list

More than one of my small but loyal band of readers has complained to me recently that Gusworld is not automatically being updated every day. I apologise for this; it's my ambition to do so, but working life and train timetables being what they are, it isn't always possible. Still, I recognise that it's a pisser to check into a site and find it hasn't been updated, and that if it happens too often, you're likely to abandon the site altogether.

My ultimate solution to this will be rigorous editorial discipline, but in the meantime, I'm offering another workaround: a Gusworld updates mailing list. Subscribe to this and I'll send you a brief (and easily filterable) message every time a major new piece of content goes on the site. If I'm feeling generous, I may even put some stuff in the messages that doesn't pop up elsewhere. Like any good list owner, I promise not to sell addresses to commercial organisations, or bombard you with messages suggesting you buy my book.

To subscribe (or unsubscribe) to the list, simply send mail to:

with SUBSCRIBE in the subject field. (This isn't actually an automated service, so feel free to say hi in the body of the message). Then lie back, relax and think of Howard Jones. It's that easy.

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