The sky falls on his head

Even the cover's a secret!I’ve been a longstanding Asterix fan ever since I could read (which is what comes of having Francophile parents). There’s no doubt that the series has not been quite as compelling since the death of Goscinny — Uderzo draws just as well as ever but the last few books have tended to have ludicrous plots and an excessive reliance on continuity references.

Nonetheless, a new Asterix book remains a major event, especially since at the rate they’re getting produced and Uderzo’s advanced age, we really can’t expect too many more. The latest title (#33 by most counts), due for release on October 14, has been shrouded in secrecy, but the BBC reports from its Brussels launch that it will be called The Sky Falls On His Head.

That title makes me suspect that, once again, excessive back story references may well be a feature. That suspicion is not allayed by the game on the official site which lets you find more details of the plot — I’m too lazy to bother at the moment, frankly — or by the fact that the cover is a reworking of the very first title, Asterix The Gaul. However, I’ll still be racing out to grab a copy when it ships. Dymocks has a listing for local release, though this doesn’t confirm whether we’ll get it on October 14 or, typically, have to wait a few weeks.

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  1. If I was a very rich man, I would buy a complete set of Tintin and Asterix books. They’re so bloody expensive to buy all at once, though. The book artwork can be found for free on P2P networks and news services, albeit often in wacky languages (and besides who really wants to read Asterix on a computer screen…)

  2. hey there!
    Any ideas as to where i can buy the entire asterix and tintin collections, i was a fan of the books when i was a kid but somehow lost interest – maybe its because i don’t see any of them on sale anywhere in australia!!

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