Gusworld’s Whovention banquet photo frenzy

Clearly, I have no sense of restraint or shame. After coughing up a small fortune for a vaguely rare Who annual, I then splurged further amounts of money for the right to sit at the same table as India Fisher at Saturday night’s Whovention banquet. Obviously, this makes me seem like a complete deranged fanboy, but it made for a good evening (and kept the charity coffers filled). India’s outgoing, cheerful, full of good stories about the acting industry and living in London (I know nothing about the former and a reasonable amount about the latter), and was clearly enjoying her trip.

Having already sunk this far into low-grade public behaviour, I figured I might as well go the whole hog and get pictures with all the guests. So here they are.

Whovention 7: India Fisher

India Fisher: simply a lovely person.

Whovention 7: Deborah Watling

Deborah Watling: compact and charming.

Whovention 7: Frazer Hines

Frazer Hines: and I didn’t even mention Emmerdale.

Whovention 7: Rob Shearman and India Fisher

Rob Shearman, India Fisher and yours truly. Again.

I also asked Rob Shearman if he had in fact remembered my drunken remark about coming to Australia last year. It turns out he did, but, as he said, “I couldn’t imagine it was ever going to happen.” It was that kind of event.

2 thoughts on “Gusworld’s Whovention banquet photo frenzy

  1. My god – Debbie is tiny!!! And very pleased to hear you asked Shearman about the last time you met. Such a shame I couldn’t go. Next time, next time…

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