Torchwood should be good, touch wood

Having spent more than a decade neglecting Doctor Who on screen, the BBC isn’t wasting any time catching up. Not only has it commissioned two further series of the show itself, it’s also now approved what is only the second televisual Who spinoff. (The first, K9 & Company, is not normally mentioned in polite company.)


Torchwood, due some time in 2006, will be an adult-oriented drama, set in Cardiff and featuring Captain Jack Harkness, the character portrayed by John Barrowman who created such a splash in the latter half of the latest Who run — not least because of his willingness to sleep with every passing alien, regardless of gender. Despite the name (an anagram of ‘Doctor Who’ used by the production team), Harkness himself, and a promise the story will be “seeded” in the next Who series, there’ll be no direct Who connections once it starts running. Russell T Davies, the main force behind the Who revival, is writing and producing.

On the whole, this can only be a good thing, though the fact that the series will go out on BBC Three and will have a modern-day setting suggests it won’t get the extravagant budget the Who series enjoyed. However, if all the other actors are of Barrowman’s calibre, it’s bound to come off well. Whether it means Captain Jack won’t appear in Who again remains to be seen.

(Incidentally, it’s a bizarre coincidence that the first post I’ve done post-Whovention is also Who-related . . . better broaden my celebrity gossip horizons pronto!)

9 thoughts on “Torchwood should be good, touch wood

  1. Err Umm Jack was left Umm Alive just in some time in the future (brain – can not remember the year but it wasn’t “current” earth). And RTD at the head – whyam I a tad iffy about this?

    Well it does confirm that Jack is back at least for something in season 2 :) umm 36 err whatever it is.


  2. I don’t think Dimensions in Time counts as a spin-off, as it features Doctors. Insane Doctors running round the Queen Vic, admittedly.

  3. The Discontinuity Guide places it immediately after Shada, though this claim was dismissed by the very handy Completely Useless Encyclopedia as ‘bollocks’.

  4. I was too scared to watch Dimensions In Time. But this Torchwood… man, that’s good news. Captain Jack is the man. It will be interesting to see how it all works out, and how he ends up in Cardiff. Will he take his intergalactic surfboard? Will there be more concealed weaponry? Will BBC3 show his arse? We must wait and see.

  5. Hey if anyone has seen children in need will know the doctor left Captain Jack in yes the future to rebuild the Earth. Thanks to infomation from an interview I know that Jack does help rebuild the earth but when that was done he found a way to get back to our time in Cardiff. There he works with alien tecnology to fight aliens and humans, with a program called Torchwood that started thanks to Queen Vic (who is actually a werewolf) you’ll understaind more later in the series.

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