Messing with Motown

Last night’s Australian Idol had a broad and straightforward theme: Motown. Plenty to choose from over two decades there, so what the hell was Emily (who I’ll admit has good pipes but who otherwise annoys the hell out of me) doing singing ‘River Deep Mountain High’? Yes, it’s a 60s classic, but in its infamous original recording by Ike & Tina Turner, it was not a Motown release. While it was covered some years later by The Supremes & The Four Tops, that doesn’t make it a Motown song — or if it does, then you could equally do a number by the Beatles or from the soundtrack of Funny Girl, since Motown acts covered those too.

Not good enough. And how Emily qualified for a touchdown when she had at least two dud notes is beyond me. I’m scared she’s going to be this year’s Casey Donovan — an annoyingly limited talent with a good sob story who gets championed by Mark Holden all the way to the finish line. Though if she is this year’s Casey, she won’t be selling many records in 2006.

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