The shortest Who ever

Just in case anyone hasn’t seen it: there’s a new Doctor Who interlude available on the BBC Web site, broadcast last week as part of its annual Children In Need appeal. The last time these two TV phenomena interacted we got the amazingly shocking Dimensions In Time, but this isn’t a dumb comic interlude: rather, it covers the first couple of minutes following the Doctor’s regeneration, and leads directly into the forthcoming special The Christmas Invasion. One can only presume it may also be repeated at the beginning of that episode, particularly for overseas transmissions.

Nicely done, and it’s especially good for once to see a companion outright freaking over the regeneration process, as in the past there’s been a tendency for people to take this phenomena rather too casually. No word yet on when the ABC will be broadcasting the special, but presumably they won’t be waiting until Christmas 2006!

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