Rounding up the media

Most of the IT hacks I know are at the Hyatt Coolum (scene of many a drunken rampage for me in the past) for ITJourno/Media Connect’s Kickstart forum, so I’m doing the Epitome roundup of published news while everyone parties on (you can read it here here, though it’s a subscriber-only site). This wouldn’t have been feasible a few years ago, since the roundup includes checking out the daily papers, but these days I can simply download ’em through Newsstand and Bob’s your aunty’s drop-in shag. I may as well also note here that I’ve also updated the front page picture on the main site.

3 thoughts on “Rounding up the media

  1. My eyes! The goggles do nothing!

    (referencing the shirtless pic, not the new one. I like the new one, albeit in a “I’m a homicidal maniac, and this is my neatly categorised shelf of skulls” kind of way)

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