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It Takes Two Week 3: Unexpected pairing

It was no great shock to see Judy & Glenn get the boot last night, but it was a big shock that the couple standing beside them was Richard & Wendy, rather than — as everyone expected — Katie & Dave. While I don’t think Richard & Wendy were the best performers this week, I think I’ll have to vote for them, as I don’t want to see them exit before the Newcastle-loving duo.

There’s no denying that Katie’s vocal performance this week was a big improvement on her earlier, dire efforts, but there’s still far too much daylight between her and everybody else, especially with Judy out the door. Sarah also remains hugely enthusiastic, but I suspect there’s only so long that her dodgy notes will be propped up by Guy’s popularity.

Most improved vocally was Kate Richie, undoubtedly helped by the fact that country put Troy right in the middle of his comfort zone. Interestingly, while all the judges praised her demeanour, I thought she had much more of a stunned mullet thing going on than in previous weeks. Michael Bevan also looked a little wooden, though he continues to sing in an acceptable fashion.

Amanda Pellman obviously decided to live up to her pre-show publicity as “super bitch”, awarding a couple of fours and offering brief, nasty comments. This would be more useful if she actually followed them up with some constructive criticism, rather than just trying to make jokes (which James Valentine is better at anyway).

Part of the problem, of course, is that the show still can’t quite settle on a rhythm for offering up judges. Dancing With The Stars always alternated between pairs of judges, while Australian Idol consistently proffers comments from everyone. It Takes Two alternates between both models, which doesn’t seem fair on the contestants. More importantly, it doesn’t make for particularly good viewing.

Random notes:

  • Rumour (more specifically, the Daily Telegraph has it that Judy & Glenn didn’t get along at first. They looked happy enough with each other’s company tonight — but then again, maybe they’re glad to see the back of the show!
  • Marina Prior awarded Erika & David the first nine of the series. There’s no denying they can sing OK, but they’re so boring and MOR. Hopefully they’ll get a train-wreck rock category before too long. At the moment, their show total of 87 puts them three points ahead of Simon & Paulini, followed by Mark and Rachel on 81.
  • Leaving aside his vocal chops, Simon is currently the best mover of all the celebrity contestants. Sarah might well be the worst, though it was hard to tell this week with her sitting down.
  • Despite offering two fours, huge bursts of enthusiasm from Amanda in the form of three eights meant that her average awarded score this week was still higher than James’, albeit by just 0.1.
  • James Valentine’s series average score awarded has moved in a highly predictable pattern: 5.5, 5.7, 5.9. Will he crack the big six next week?
  • The two bottom-ranked couples this week were also the two up for eviction — an instance of judge and public taste coinciding that is likely to become less common as the weeks progress.
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