It Takes Two Week 4: Who’s going first?

Well, we’ve gotten rid of Katie & David and about time too. I’d have been quite pleased to see them go before Judy & Glenn, as it had become quite clear that, whatever other charms she possesses, Ms Fischer is simply not a singer, with her effective range probably not topping three notes.

Erika & David continue to sweep all before them in a bombastic display of alleged ballad wizardry, but I’m sick of seeing them do this kind of AOR shlock. Unfortunately, next week’s supergroup format doesn’t promise any respite. (It didn’t help that ‘Without You’, their chosen song, is now inescapably associated in my head with Mariah Carey. Ugh.) My favourite performance of the night was Mark & Rachel’s ‘Burn For You’, where Mark interestingly took the higher part, and made an excellent fist of it.

It Takes Two
In broad terms, you can judge how brave the celebrity singers are by whether they’re willing to open a song singing solo. This week’s notable holdovers were Katie and Sarah, who let their better-qualified counterparts kick off. The strategy doesn’t always work — as Richard and Simon could attest — but it’s more interesting than letting someone who we know can sing get first bite at the cherry.

The leading contenders for getting kicked out next week are Michael & Jade and Richard & Wendy. With an average score of 6.3, Michael & Jade are ever so slightly ahead (Richard & Wendy have 6.1), but it would be hard to pick at this stage, given that Simon & Paulini got the lowest score (22) of any surviving act this week.

Random notes:

  • Marina Prior keeps throwing out those nines to Erika & David, joined on this occasion by Ross Wilson. Even James Valentine is getting more generous with the points, however, and his series average score has just hit 6.0. (Marina, with 6.9, remains the most generous.)
  • Simon & Paulini’s bottom-ranked score means that the competition for third place is now quite intense. Erika & David have a comfortable series total lead with 121, and Mark & Rachel are safe in second on 113. Kate & Troy’s 107 just squeaks ahead of Simon & Paulini and Sarah & Guy, both on 106.
  • The two-minute song limit leads to some odd editing choices, not all of which work in the singers’ favour. In particular, I didn’t like what happened to ‘We’ve Got Tonight’ at all — a more recognisable, less chopped-up song would undoubtedly help Champs’ cause.
  • I was pleased to see Sam Brown get a plug, even if it was as Jade Macrae’s babysitter.
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