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It Takes Two Week 7: Scores don’t cut it

If you leave out the exiting Champs & Wendy, there was really nothing to differentiate the scores this week, with a none-too-diverse range of 33 to 35. While this adds to the unpredictability and makes the public vote especially critical, it suggests that the judges are getting complacent, lazy or (in the case of Amanda) even dumber than before.

Frankly, there’s no way that Sarah’s maybe-I-can-find-the-note performances should be ranked as more or less equivalent to the other three remaining contestants. While she’s certainly the weakest singer left in the pack, I won’t be surprised if she outlasts some of her more vocally able rivals. On with the roundup:

Kate & Troy, ‘Gimme Some Lovin” Another solid upbeat performance from these two, though the song clearly didn’t suit them as well as last week’s Acca Dacca attack. I wouldn’t mind seeing these goes get in the top three, but they don’t deserve to win.

Sarah & Guy, ‘Higher Ground’ While the judges correctly pointed out that this was a much more suitable song choice than previous, the fact remains that there’s probably no more potentially to be wrung from Sarah — she’s already endearing, and she’s never going to sing any better. The fact that Guy kicked off the number — generally a sign of uncertainty on the part of the celebrity vocalist — is somewhat ominous.

Erika & David, ‘Sway’ It’s the same old song for those two: sounds fine, lacks pizzazz or any resemblance to likeability. David is so clearly not Michael Buble, or even vaguely Buble-esque, that ’embarrassing’ is the word that springs to mind. Continued appearances in the bottom two suggest that next week will see an Erika versus Sarah battle, and even a top-ranked performance might not be enough to save the Antiseptic Two.

Richard & Wendy, ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ Rock is clearly Champs’ preferred genre, but this number relied much more on Wendy’s vocal performance than his (despite her amused comment that she never thought she’d be singing that song in her career). All things considered, this pairing never quite lived up to the promise of their first week together. Oh well.

Mark & Rachel, ‘Heartache Tonight’ Another solid performance, though I still don’t quite see how it managed to score more than such prior triumphs as ‘Total Eclipse’ and ‘Burn For You’. This duo will definitely be getting my phone votes from now on.

Random notes:

  • Judge patterns remain the same as ever, with Marina still just pipping Amanda for the most generous judge overall.
  • Forcing contestants back to genres they’ve so far dodged is a neat trick, both for removing any remaining comfort zones and since there’s not too many spare genres that are likely to get covered. (Anyone for house?)
  • There’s only one possible explanation for Teresa: they needed to hire a co-host who was shorter than Grant.
  • Speaking of Grant, how is it that he was able to train for and compete in Dancing With The Stars and maintain his weather gig on Sunrise, but can’t manage to combine the hosting gig — essentially a one-day-a-week job — with anything beyond an occasional Monday morning appearance on breakfast TV?
  • Shame on Seven for having no exit performance at all, choosing instead to continue the show-wide series of plugs for its True Stories special.
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