It Takes Two Week 8: Larry Emdur?

Apparently, Grant Denyer’s desire to be a major TV host has not yet overpowered his desire to race V8 supercars. Sure, Larry Emdur’s head might look like a wine cask, but he slipped effortlessly into the role. Teresa slipped effortlessly into her usual hopelessness.

The bigger shock of the night, however, was Kate & Troy heading out the door ahead of Sarah & Guy. I figured Kate’s TV popularity might have helped her hang in there, but obviously the Home & Away fans are favouring Mark.

Tonight’s big drawcard was everyone singing twice, which didn’t actually seem to phase anyone too much. Here’s the roundup:

Mark & Rachel, ‘Blue Suede Shoes” An awesomely good opening, and I don’t think I’d have known about Rachel’s injury if they hadn’t flagged it.

Kate & Troy, ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’ Good, but not great, and using the Melbourne Gospel Choir is really cheating. As the judges said, better than ‘Yesterday’.

Sarah & Guy, ‘Baby One More Time’ Started OK, became horrendous, and the dancers didn’t help. Loved Sarah’s Britney look though. Amanda’s comments about not liking Britney’s version showed her ignorance (like we needed more evidence).

Erika & David, ‘If I Ain’t Got You’ My stance remains the same: they’re antiseptic. At least she sang first though, unlike the previous two contestants. Ross’ praise (and his first 10) was over-the-top, to say the least.

It Takes Two
Mark & Rachel, ‘A Whole New World’ An iffy first note, but recovered rapidly and demonstrated some lovely harmonies. (I’ve never liked the song itself, so that’s high praise.)

Kate & Troy, ‘Route 66’ Clearly more in Kate’s zone, though she still sounded tremulous. Ross gave them 7s both times, which seemed harsh.

Sarah & Guy, ‘Don’t Know Much’ Two songs, two long Guy openings. I don’t know much, but I know Sarah is not Linda Ronstadt. In fairness, it could have been a lot worse, though James’ estimate that Sarah hit the right note 82.5% of the time was a tad generous.

Erika & David, ‘I Was Made For Loving You’ David, you cannot rock. Erika, you’ll do, but the high notes are annoying. How this got the series highest score is quite beyond me.

So with just two weeks to go to the final, who’ll get in? Popular votes will be critical next week — since even being top two won’t guarantee a position — which tends to make me think we might be seeing a Mark/Sarah final. I could live with that, since I’m pretty sure Mark would win, and he definitely deserves to.

Random notes:

  • ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’ marked something I never thought I’d see: James giving a higher score than Marina. And for the record, she was right. And then he did it again with ‘Don’t Know Much’! Weird. Even so, Marina is still tied for the highest-scoring judge position with Amanda.
  • While the contestants have to learn two songs, apparently the creative team didn’t have the energy to come up with two intros, since the second performances had no video introduction (and indeed two got crammed into one segment). Perhaps there are strict orders not to intrude on True Stories too much.
  • In show totals, just four points separated Sarah & Guy from Kate & Troy — with the latter taking up the rear.
  • At least there was an exit performance this time, even if Kate forgot the words.


  • 2 thoughts on “It Takes Two Week 8: Larry Emdur?

    1. I agree with your comments towards David & Erika’s ‘I Was Made For Loving You’ ….. I normally really enjoy this couple (ok so they are a tad MOR, but I agree with the comments that they have sophistication…. I really liked the Alicia Keys song)…. but the Kiss performance was just strange…. Erika on the floor for a large proportion of the song holding onto David’s leg along with some dodgy camera angles….. that was a bit unsettling. It also appears even more unsettling that Amanda dishes out 10s to anyone willing to tart it up in a rock fashion. I always knew Amanda was all about class!

    2. Another shocking performance from Sarah and Guy and yet they are through to the next round. If they win I will shoot myself!!!

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