It Takes Two Week 9: It takes these two?

Those judges should be shot. You’d have to have tin ears to presume that Sarah & Guy’s tune-free performance of ‘I Want You Back’ was better than Mark & Rachel’s rendition of ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ — but that’s what the scores (33 versus 31) suggested. And while it’s perfectly OK to acknowledge that singing (light) opera is difficult, that’s no excuse for giving Erika a 10 for her rendition of ‘Con Te Partiro’ when she couldn’t even hold the closing note.

With that said, it’s the public who truly deserve to be shot. Despite those ludicrous scores, Sarah & Guy still came third in the judge’s ranking. As such, they must have had the highest popular vote in order to stick around and advance, along with Mr & Mrs Antiseptic, to the final. Clearly, Guy’s teenybopper fans from three years ago still have mobiles. On this basis — and given that the popular vote is the ultimate deciding factor — it looks likely that Sarah is going to emerge as the first ‘It Takes Two’ champion. I weep for the future.

In all honesty, my interest level in watching the final has dropped dramatically now that Mark & Rachel aren’t going to feature. I’ll tune in, but whoever wins, I’m not gonna be that happy. Roll on series 2.

Erika & David, ‘Great Balls Of Fire’ As I’ve noted before, I’d find David more convincing as a cadaver than as a rocker.

Mark & Rachel, ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ Smooth, if not exceptionally exciting.

Sarah & Guy, ‘I Want You Back’ A mangled mess from the first note.

It Takes Two
Erika & David, ‘Con Te Partiro’ Well done, but it’s a dull song and Erika was clearly not up to anything more than hitting the right notes.

Mark & Rachel, ‘Beauty & The Beast’ Very nicely done, and certainly much better than the scores suggested.

Sarah & Guy, ‘Angels Brought Me Here’ James Valentine said it all when he noted that “the little pitch demons” were still on the attack. The only accurately scored song of the night.

Random notes:

  • I note that Guy’s new single will get its premiere on the final episode — quite possibly the entire reason he signed up in the first place, although it presumably precludes him appearing on the new series of Idol for a while.
  • The Young Divas’ guest appearance was welcome. ‘It’s Raining Men’ didn’t feature in their stage show when I saw it, but I won’t be surprised if it’s now been added.
  • Amanda and Marina remain tied for the highest-scoring judges, each averaging 7.7 over the course of the series. Remarkably, James was one of the two judges to stupidly give a 10 to Erika & David.
  • If we do get a second series, it’ll be interesting to see if some of the same professional singers reappear. This is standard practice on Dancing With The Stars, but I suspect it might be frowned upon here. In any event, I’d be suggesting David Campbell and Courtney Murphy as obvious candidates. I’d also love to see Deborah Conway, but in no way can I imagine her agreeing to it.

  • 2 thoughts on “It Takes Two Week 9: It takes these two?

    1. That was an a joke, all that it has done is made the final a waste of time watching.

      Sarah should have been out last week and for anyone to say her voice is better they must be deaf.

      So here we have another biased show.

    2. I suspect the Hillsong vote was not an insubstantial factor in the result. Unlike you, I’m boycotting next week’s final out of indignation and anticipated boredom. I suppose at least ‘yet another Channel 7 celebrity’ is not going to win whatever happens, which makes a refreshing change for its stable of celebrity entertainment shows — unless, of course, there’s something in the wings for Erika (God help us).

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