Gusworld’s Junket Vlog: Massive catchup post

Panic not, junket vlog devotees: I’ve still been filming, it’s just taken a while to post the links! So first off, let’s visit Birmingham and an uber-compressed hotel room for ‘T is for Trouserpress’:

We stay in Birmingham for some bathroom shenanigans in ‘S is for Soap’:

Now, the next two hotels in France really weren’t a junket — it was a holiday, so no work connections at all — but the rooms themselves were too distinctive not to get included. First of all, there’s some odd bidet action in ‘R is for Roof’:

And finally, we have a hotel whose oddness actually only became truly apparent after filming the video, when light bulbs began exploding and the door wouldn’t unlock! But still plenty to chew on in ‘A is for Andorge’:

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