It Takes Two Week 1: Take two for 2007

Last year, I tracked the fortunes of the contestants on Seven’s It Takes Two to an obsessively scary degree (click here for the damning archival evidence, including proof that I chucked a sulk in the last week because Rachael Beck got voted out and subsequently ignored the final). I’m going to be travelling throughout Series 2, so there’s no guarantee I’ll be able to keep track of the scores every week, but I’ll do my best. Frankly, I need a reality TV addiction, and as I’ve said before, at least this is less time consuming than Big Brother.

It Takes Two
So what’s changed? Firstly, thank goodness that Kate Ritchie has replaced the godawful Terasa Livingtstone (and she’s taller than Grant in heels, despite earlier speculation). Secondly, we’ve had three changes in the professional singers, almost all of which count as improvements. Anthony Callea fills the Idol slot vacated by Guy Sebastian, Kate Ceberano takes over from Karen Knowles, and David Campbell takes over from Glenn Shorrock.

Based on this week’s performance, it’s hard to guess who’ll be going first. I thought Kate Ceberano and Daniel Kowalski got unfairly low scores, though it’s hard to tell whether this was because they were the first couple up or because people are suffering from Kate overload after Dancing With The Stars. I’ll be giving my vote to Julia Zemiro, because she’s easily my favourite out of the three lowest-ranked performers (and I loved her vocal performance on ‘I’m Sarajevo, Taste Me’ in Eurobeat last year). I especially enjoyed her retort to the still pointless Amanda Pellman’s comment that she should ‘sing to win’: “Alright Amanda, I will.”

Random notes:

  • The judges fell back into their familiar scoring roles. Marina had the highest average score with 6.7, followed by Ross with 6.6, Amanda with 6.4 and James with 5.9 (a figure largely driven by his giving only 5 to Ernie & Rachael, which sounds about right to me).
  • With pop and swing this week and rock and movies next, so far the show is exactly replicating last year’s format.
  • When I visited on Tuesday night, the official site still proclaimed ‘It Takes Two 2006’.
  • Russell Gilbert’s IKEA joke also made an appearance when he showed up on Thank God You’re Here last year. No new material Russell?
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    1. this progam is shit because why we should learn how to sing in my opppenion singing is not important in life non dancing and the peolple who dance or sing are shit to me

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