It Takes Two Week 5: Halfway point

Rock and disco is not a good pairing — in fact, I think this show probably needs to just concentrate on one genre at a time. There’s not the technicality of scoring that leads Dancing With The Stars to do this kind of thing, so why they need to double up with this (or next week’s 70s and 80s match-up) is a bit beyond me. It’s especially silly when there’s an uneven number of contestants each doing a single song, since one genre — disco this week — dominates anyway. And then there’s that annoying result . . .

Julia & Dave, ‘Jailhouse Rock’: As everyone was at pains to point out, no-one would have known Julia messed up at the beginning if she hadn’t fessed up to it. Decent vocals (they even suited Dave better) with plenty of happening ‘Woo!’ material from Julia, but the staging was actually a bit distracting. A score of 31 seemed quite fair and ranked them third on the night, but wasn’t enough to keep them around — obviously not enough votes there, alas.

It Takes Two
Daniel & Kate, ‘If I Can’t Have You’: Quite why this got a lower score than Julia & Dave, I’m not sure. OK, it’s cheating to have Kate sing first (and for this song, I prefer Kim Wilde’s 90s arrangement to the original), but it was still well staged.

Bobby & Jade, ‘Heartbreak Hotel’: Haven’t liked this couple much before, but (apart from the uber-obvious backing vocals) this was pretty impressive, and probably deserved a tad more than 28. Everyone made good points about finishing notes and excessive attack.

Mimi & David, ‘Right Back Where We Started From’: She can’t sing and he can’t sing disco. Not a pleasant combination. 24 might be deemed generous. The fact they’re not in the bottom two suggests the public should be shot.

Ernie & Rachael, ‘Sing’: There was far too much harping on last week’s walkout, but that shouldn’t hide the fact that it was a very average performance. Ross Wilson is right, the track isn’t a rock song, and Rachael’s outfit probably could have doubled for disco as well.

Jolene & David, ‘Never Can Say Goodbye’: Jolene’s easiest the best amateur in this contest, and a top score of 37 is definitely deserved. Everyone else is largely working on the melody, and she’s busy breaking microphones!

Jo & Anthony, ‘Shake Your Groove Thing’: Jo’s voice picked up, and she and Anthony are the best choreographed of the couples. Undoubtedly it doesn’t hurt to pick a song with no strictly solo lines . . . but for all that carping, still a deserved second place.

Random notes:

  • Mimi & David’s running total up this week was lower than the running totals both Jolene & David and Jo & Anthony had managed last week. Score-wise, they’re the only two couples that matter at this stage.
  • The double 70s/80s theme might be a bit dodgy, but Daryl Braithwaite is a legitimate inclusion on both fronts.
  • At least we got a decent chunk of the departing performers this week, which is quite often not the case.
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